Crupi Quad Pro Wheelset

Crupi Quad Pro Wheelset

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CRUPI QUAD Pro Wheelset

Quicker and faster engagement is what race hubs are all about these days. The fastest Spring & Pawl Engagement System in BMX!  The Quad Hub features 150 ratchet teeth which engage every 2.4 degrees so what you get it is a super fast engaging hub. 

We still provide 4 cog spacers which allow you to position the cog where it provides the best possible chain alignment. Hub set comes with a 16t cog but is designed to work with any Shimano compatible cog and any Shimano type tool will remove the cog.

  • Fixed independent leaf spring/pawl system acting simultaneously when engaged
  • Less resistance and less wear = a smoother rotating hub
  • Axles are 10mm axles but with a 20mil front option also now available
  • 28H set weighs 15. 55oz
  • 36H set weighs 23.7oz

The standard wheelset is supplied with either black or silver Stainless Steel Double Butted spokes and nipples. For options on spokes and nipples please contact us for pricing.